"Maza Taza Mediterranean Kitchen’s mission is to bring the heart and soul of the Mediterranean to Philadelphia"

Street food is the heart and soul of a country, region or state.  In the Mediterranean region, street food is usually fresh, healthy and delicious. Mediterranean cuisine fresh grilled meats, hand picked vegetables, savory sauces and fresh baked bread. Maza Taza Mediterranean Kitchen was started by a family that wanted to bring fresh ingredients mixed with amazing flavors for everyone to try.  Equipped with recipes from our family, we set out to bring those authentic street foods to Philadelphia. One taste will have you transported to the rolling hills, olive fields and years of rich history of the Mediterranean.

We prepare our food daily, right in front of you, so you know you’re getting a fresh and delicious meal.  Maza Taza’s ordering process is as simple as the ingredients. We can take you through each step, letting you customize your dish with endless possibilities and combinations of flavorful and juicy proteins, healthy vegetables and succulent sauces. We love catering for you and have designed a family-friendly atmosphere in which you can revel the event of eating.

Our food is not just cooked and plated but handcrafted and presented by our chefs who are masters of Mediterranean street food.  We want all our guests to enjoy our food as much as we do. That’s why we put the utmost value into making sure each and every experience at Maza Taza is a great one.